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Intercom : Welcom
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SPPS offers all aspects of intercom, repair and maintenance on a variety of models. Both the Internal handset and the communal intercom can be installed or brought back to working order within one visit.


SPPS caries a wide range of parts for a number of models as well as new handsets, and intercoms. Customer enquiries will be met with a personalised visit , based on our fixed prices below. For  jobs that require a quote, this will be delivered by SPPS within 24 hours and if accepted by the customer, work will commence the same day.

  • Large Number of Parts

  • Same Day Repair

  • Reliable

  • Fixed Prices

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Extensive Local Experience

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Intercom : Repairs

Intercom Repairs and Common Faults

If you have any of the following issues please do not hesitate to get in touch, these common faults can be promptly rectified.

  • Cant Hear Caller

  • Buzzer not Sounding in Apartment

  • Lock Not working

  • Lock Release Not working all the time

  • Detached Buzzer Buttons

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