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Stairwell Services

Edinburgh Council no longer offers Stairwell Lighting Maintenance and repair. SPPS can offer peace of mind by offering this service with, or without a supplementary cleaning service. 


SPPS offers coverage based on a per flat basis. Offering coverage on both cleaning and lighting services. These include.

  • Pre-Contract Review and Check

  • Bulb Replacement within 48hrs. 

  • Reliable

  • Competitive prices

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



SPPS can arrange for a monthly or bi-monthly cleaning service for your block of flats. Depending on how many people are in your block we can offer very competitive rates . This service can be offered on its own or in conjunction with our lighting coverage, for a single, low monthly fee.



SPPS can step in where Edinburgh council left . When one of your lights goes out or starts to falter you can call us and we will guarantee to have the problem rectified within 48hrs, at no additional charge. This peace of mind can be yours for one small monthly fee, either alone or in conjunction with our cleaning service.

Getting Organised

Getting Organised

Getting all the people in your block organised to commence a cleaning or lighting contract can be difficult , but SPPS can help with this . 

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